Jul 21, 2011

WIP: July 2011

Just some wips/failed speed paint for this week. Still trying to get the feel for Photoshop. I can't quite work with it the same way like traditional paints. But I have to learn! Somebody teach me properly, please! XD

Jul 6, 2011

Note to Self: Keep Practicing!

Ever since school started, I haven't been able to draw much personal stuff. What makes it feel bad is the fact that my younger classmates can conceptualize and draw CLEAN, FULL BODY CHARACTER DESIGNS IN ONE HOUR. (although, it's just concepts, not rendered yet at least.) I realize I still have a lot lacking in my skills and I really must practice and I mean, A LOT OF PRACTICE!

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of quick sketches (mostly of people at school). Here's one of my friend, Abby, and my professor, Alfred Borres. While drawing on Cintiq and Photoshop is nice, I can't really stay long. It makes my eyes hurt staring too long on the computer and I'm just really terrible at it, okay. I hope I don't have to get glasses.

Also, my friends have opened up their own blogs. Hooray! They have amaaaaazing artwork! Please visit their blogs as well and show them some love.

Thank you so much! :D