Feb 13, 2016

If You Can, Then Why Not?

Well, the first month of 2016 came and went and with barely a breath to settle in slowly, I found myself in the chilly cold of Los Angeles, California. I've temporarily moved here for a good part to watch over my sister while she finishes her studies. I left all my Nendoroid and miniatures behind, not that I'll be able to do anything with them since I'm actually busy doing chores and errands and stuff!

Despite the abundance of housework, I try to find and take time to do creative things. One such opportunity arose when I noticed the stark white parking lot walls of the compound where my sister goes to practice piano. The compound was made up of six adjacent stores facing the public street (or just three since the others was closed down) and the parking lot was behind. People come and go for the Chinese take-out but the area was mostly left empty and undisturbed.

I figured it was a good spot to try experimental photography. So I put on my bright blue sweater while my sister wore her bright hot pink hoodie (after I successfully convinced her to be my model hehe) The result was a series of ambitious poses and pseudo-streetwear photoshoot. We personally don't like posting pictures of our faces here in the public blog because we're such shy little things lol but the photoshoot was tons of amusement and and it would be a waste not to share the photos. So pardon this little narcissistic entry but it's all in the name of aspiring modelling and artistic photography. ^__^