Oct 17, 2011

Lily Catastrophe!

Well, I wanted to paint something different. It's something inspired by Claude Monet, Van Gogh and the classic technique of Impressionism. It turned out a bit messier and muddier than what I had in mind. But I feel like I'm getting the hang of using textured brushes but it's insane having to keep changing brushes. Like in traditional art, one brush might be able to get all of this done but it might take forever? Hmmmm.

Oct 11, 2011

WIP: Oct 2011

Another something I'm practicing with. I should really finish all my wips so I can post something on this blog ha ha ha. I actually like this one the way it is and thought of keeping it this way. The texturing still needs work but I like the colors a lot. Maybe I'll put it up as one standard pallet.