Jul 20, 2012

It's Adventure Time!!

Last month, my awesome friends and I made Adventure Time caricatures of ourselves. This is my version with my dog and cat cruisin' on our hover board. I had fun working on this, especially when it came to designing my pets!!
This is Irish and her dog, Axel, on their cool bike. She started the whole idea and told me to include my cat.
Here's Keno and his derp-faced, Russia! I think his character feels the most Adventure Time-fied.

Seeing our drawings all together is super adorable. I'm looking forward when our other friends will make their own versions too! I'll update this post when that happens!

Jul 3, 2012

More Old Stuff

I've been sorting through my harddrive and sketchpads and found more old art that I started before. Sorry for the old art spam, I promise this would be the last. Nico is from the Marvel comic series, Runaways, and she's my favorite character. I think I drew this during my free time in one of my classes. Her face turned out more anime-like than I wanted but she still looks cool.

Aaaaand check this out! When we're not drawing anything decent, shmuff (aka Irish) and I end up drawing some things totally random and sometimes down-right weird. But it's so much fun. XD