Nov 17, 2015

Cool Japan Festival 2015

Just when I thought I've had enough of Japanese girl bands and their catchy songs, Team 8 visits Manila and holds a live concert. FOR FREE. And nothing gets you as quickly hooked up on a band like a live concert. FOR FREE. Something about live experiences gets you so wrapped up in the moment and vividly captures all the singing, dancing and cheering in your memory that you start enjoy yourself so much and like the band, even if you weren't a fan at first. The AKB48 handshake event last September proved that first-hand encounters are very impressionable so I wouldn't expect less from Team 8's concert participation.

Team 8 is an unofficial AKB sister group, whose existence is sponsored by Toyota. While the official 48group in whole are "idols you can meet," Team 8 in contrast are "idols who go meet you." Since Team 8 is one of the newer groups, I didn't get to know them because I purposely refrained from getting into the other sister groups like SKE, NMB (there are just too many now!!) But when I learned that they were coming to the Philippines for an event, I decided to go see them because an unofficial AKB concert is better than no AKB concert lol

For your pleasure and to possibly a trap to lure you into the 48G fandom as well, I've attached my videos of the concert. Sorry about the heads--I didn't get to a good position right away. Enjoy the singing and dancing anyway!

There were two sets of the concert and I watched both with my friends. (the people in the background you can clearly hear screaming insanely--that's us lol) After the event, I found a rekindled interest in this distinct girl band. It helped a lot that the songs they sung were old favorites so I found myself listening to the singles once again. Watching Team 8 perform reminded me why I liked AKB48 in the first place.. The girls' unwavering cheerfulness, their passionate energy, their friendships so close and sweet it makes me puke with envy, their humble appreciation for ALL fans and their unlimited amounts of kawaii that probably come from some secret Japanese hot spring is all so intensely contagious that I can't help but want to sing and dance along them and throw buckets of sunshine at other people as well.

I still don't think I'll be as big a fan like the super hardcore fans out there. But AKB48 will still definitely be on my playlist, even only as a small pill of infinite glee on a dull day.