Dec 23, 2010

more school projects

projects for Art Direction.. I need work on my colors and painting. I don't feel like I've been doing original work lately.. It's mostly been based on my professors' examples and practices for the class. Am I that lazy and uncreative?! I have to do something about that......

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas, everyone! And Happy New Year to all of you. 

Dec 20, 2010

Interiors and Orcs

Anyway, I present to you a series of what's been done at my 3D Classes. This interior was a class project. The elements were individually created by my classmates. I merely arranged them and added lights and stuff.

I modeled and textured this orc and lizard models in Autodesk Mudbox. Mudbox is pretty fun to use, kinda like clay modeling. But I heard Z-brush is better and more streamlined. I might have a look at that.

I really love the texture brush

Nov 27, 2010


Some sketches we did during Art Direction aka character design class. I love drawing dragons. They're the coolest things ever. I want to draw more of these. I remember reading a book back some years ago about drawing dragons...I should've bought it but I didn't have enough money. Maybe I should go look for it again. This one I'm throwing in because the inverted colors are just cool!

Oh, and because it's almost the end of November, here's a song-poem I made on a whim, because I love writing about any possible topic.

I can't believe it's November...soon it'll be December.
Christmas is just around the corner and I've run out of rhymes to whisper
The school year's almost over; my second sem's halfway through
Soon I'll graduate from school,
and have time to finish my comic long overdue.

Sep 22, 2010

more class projects

Some bunch of 3D projects and digital paintings I did for school. This was mostly a self-study class. I was expecting to be taught how to use photoshop but instead, I ended up studying and doing everything by myself. It's fun but I still prefer traditional mediums when it comes to the painterly feel. Something about the paper-and-pencil texture, which I can't produce yet in Photoshop. Some people have found that technique though and I wish they'd share how. Trade secret I suppose. hahaha!

Jul 30, 2010

The Cinderella Project

Our project for scriptwriting class was create a retelling/revisioning "Cinderella." My version goes along the genre of steampunk, and in this world Cinderella is an aspiring inventor who creates cool mechanical things. Cinderella desires to create a machine that will help her fellow countrymen have a better life. The annual harvest fair comes around and Cinderella decides to take a shot and enter a gadgets competition. Where it goes from there, well, I'm working on it. Below are salvaged previews..I'm particularly fond of the ink designs which is why I posted it. Maybe I'll actually work on this project someday.

Jul 9, 2010

3D Textures

Here are some of my 3D lighting and texturing projects. My professor provided the models, I only worked on the lighting and textures. I've taken a liking to textures and lighting..better than modeling, at least.

Mar 21, 2010

Hitman Reborn!

This was an artwork done for my friend, Sarah, who went back home to Korea. She really likes Hitman Reborn! so I drew this for her.