Jun 27, 2012

The Blue Balloon

This was another one of my projects from school. I had second thoughts about posting this since looking back, I don't like it very much. My coloring looks terrible, not quite as much as I would've wanted it to be but I'm putting it up anyway because it serves as a reminder for me to work harder. Maybe someday I'll draw and finish this for real.

Jun 23, 2012

All in a Logo

Hmmm, I didn't study graphic design or layout but I made these for a farm company. It's not much but it would be nice to put these up on my portfolio too, maybe. The first solid black house, is the final logo. The company printed it on their letterheads and company jackets so it was really cool and encouraging to see my own work printed and worn around by people.

Jun 10, 2012

Corgi Lovin'

So this is my dog, Dos. Yes, his name is Spanish. No, he doesn't really own a fancy red pillow. I just think it makes his picture looks better. Okay, back to drawing.