Aug 24, 2012

Crunch Time

Here are the illustrations for the children's storybook that I've finished. It's about a dog teaching/showing kids how to use the toilet. It's the silliest thing I've ever had to draw but it's loooooads of funny stuff. I'm really grateful to be able to get a project on my first try at freelancing and with a great client too! I hope to be able to work on more storybooks in the future, although I do have personal comic project to work on, which maybe I'll post about someday.

Click a picture to see the bigger version.

Danny Doggy loves to play, to twist and jump and run all day..
these first two pages feel too bright and cheerful for me..hahaha
pages 4-6
page 7-8 spread
pages 9-14
covers (front and back)

Aug 2, 2012

Spores of Life

Earlier one morning, my mom was doing the laundry when she saw these clump of fungi on the plastic hangers. It's amazing how resilient these puny life forms can be! And how intricate! Imagine tiny creatures trying to make life by growing on plastic hangers. All I know it's some kind of amazing fascinating wonder.

up close they're like little monsters!