Dec 20, 2011

Pen Sketches

I drew these mini portraits the other day, while waiting for my friends to arrive. It was tricky and very challenging because I was drawing straight with a pen. Every stroke is irreversible! It's good practice, though, and actually fun to do.

from The Three Musketeers 2011 movie
this is one of Irish's favorite dudes. I haven't drawn him correctly, though.haha

Dec 10, 2011

Studies Dec 2011

They say that it's better to work on something bit by bit than try to come up with the whole thing in one sitting. I wonder when I'll have time and creativity to finish a real piece. Everything is mostly studies...since I'm juggling things with internship, thesis and other personal projects. But there are fun moments, especially in class or at the studio with my fluffers, Irish. She's been real supportive of me. I feel relaxed when she's around. :) Anyway, here are some dumb sketches.. Although I like the snowy mountains one.

here I once again tried to produce the traditional textures of oil paintings

this is just a study/doodle mimicking those warped sky anime perspectives

And because Fluffers wanted to see my dogs in their doghouse-apartment thing, I decided to show it off here too. They're so snug and feeling safe especially now since it rains here all the time and fireworks are starting to pop in the air. I only mostly see them in the evenings now but I miss playing with them. Oh, they don't really look that scary. They're actual very nice and sweet. That's just the flash from my camera ruining their image hahahaha!