Aug 3, 2014

COMICS: Double Doctor Adventures

Another set of comics I'd like to feature is newly released Doctor Who by Titan Comics, featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor each in his own series. Being a Doctor Who fan who's a had a while to blog about the traveling Time Lord, it's only proper that I feature the Doctor's latest adventures in 2D world.

Both standard covers are made by Alice Zhang, more popularly known as alicexz on deviantART. Alice became a fandom favorite for her colorful renderings of BBC Sherlock and eventually, Doctor Who. As with Rocket Raccoon, the regular covers are prettier than the variant and you can see the variants (as well as the covers for the following issues) right on the Doctor Who website. But the covers aren't the only interesting thing about these comics.

Jul 24, 2014

COMICS: Rocket Raccoon #1

Hello everyone! I just got back from my summer trip to Interlochen, Michigan. It was the most wonderful of experiences and I can't wait to share about that. For now, I'd like to get back on the art and comics track starting with my reviews about Rocket Racoon #1, which just has to be said!

Apr 30, 2014

CONVENTIONS: Ozine Fest 2014

Last weekend I attended Ozine Fest, the biggest summer anime convention held every year. It's a three-day event held once again at SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia. It started Friday, April 25 and ended April 27, Sunday evening. I went Saturday morning to pick up the Nendoroids and redjuice REDBOX artbook that I reserved with Onegai Onii-chan Hobby Shop. Thank you again, OOC, especially for the recently sold out artbook! I thought I'd never find a copy anywhere anymore. Anyway, I'll reserve my comments on REDBOX for my review next week so be sure to come back here to the blog. ^__^

Ozine Fest 2014 was my third convention attending as a solo photojournalist?  a photoblogger? (lol I'm not really sure what I am...) but definitely no longer the regular convention-going student I used to be. There were lots of new costumes this year, mostly from the latest anime series like Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) or Kill la Kill; this title only reminds me of Kill Bill haha. I only took a few photos this time because I had to leave early for an afternoon photography seminar courtesy of my mom's friend. Still, I'm happy with the pictures I have, especially after seeing fem!Sherlock and fem!Watson. You can see their pictures and other cosplayers after the break. 

Apr 24, 2014

Pigeon Roosting

The other night there was a tapping noise outside my bedroom window. It went tap then a scuffle or rustle. At first I ignored it, thinking it was the wind or the trees or something. The curtain was down so I really couldn't see what caused the sound and I was too lazy to move from my desk. Later I came back to room and my sister was on her bed, reading. There was another scuffle. My sister looked at me and said, "It's been going on for quite a while."

"You didn't check it out?" I asked. Nope. So I went over to the windows and drew the curtains apart. Beyond the glass, I stared into the darkness then over to my neighbor's house. There were a few lit rooms but I couldn't see any person. There was no wind so the trees weren't moving. Actually, they were too far from my room. So what could've made those noises?

I decided to open the windows and look outside. There was nothing to my left but when I looked over to the right, I saw a young pigeon resting on the sill. It was lying (sitting?) with its wings tucked it. It cocked its blue head towards me and observed me with its wide black eyes. It didn’t fly away but it was probably worried about the huge creature staring back at it. As the documentary enthusiast that I am, I got my phone and blinded the creature with the flash from my camera. Then I apologized with goodnights and tucked back inside my room. It shuffled on throughout the night.

The following day, the pigeon was gone. I thought it flew back to wherever it came from. Later that afternoon though, it came back to roost late again on my window sill. There it slept for two more nights, leaving early in the day and coming back before dark. I thought I had a new "pet."

But sadly, some new "pets" don't always settle in their temporary homes. Just the past Monday night, I peeked behind the curtains but the pigeon wasn't there. It still wasn't around late that night. Dad said it might've flown away with one of the flocks of migratory birds he saw earlier. Ah well, I do hope so. I'd rather think it found new family. Pigeons are better off hanging around other birds anyway.

Apr 18, 2014

Of Blood Moons and Lunar Tetrads

If you're like me and you live in the Eastern part of the world then you missed out seeing the "blood moon" eclipse last April 15, 2014. The Americans and a handful of smaller countries were able to witness the spectacular event. Unless they were asleep at that time.

What's a blood moon, you ask? Well quick trivia explains that a "blood moon" occurs during a total lunar eclipse when the moons completely in line with the Earth's shadow and particles in the atmosphere scatter sunlight all over the place. Did you get it? No? Well, a more accurate and scientific explanation about the total lunar eclipse can be read on the website

So two days have already passed since the night of the eclipse. Imagine my family's surprise when we saw the dark orange moon rising over the mountains while we were having dinner. The moon wasn't as round anymore and neither was it as red. But a dark orange moon glaring at you through the darkness of the starless night has roughly the same effect. With the only camera I had, I captured several photos of the moon and hoped it would turn out okay.

Yep, a moon that can't miss it.

But the friends that I told to look at the moon either had cloudy skies on their side of the city or were occupied with other reasons so they missed it. Although a remnant of the total eclipse, the colored moon was still a beautiful and terrifying phenomenon to see. Sometimes though, I believe that unusual events have significant meanings as well, no matter what "coincidences" other people say. has an interesting trivia about the 2014-2015 lunar tetrad here

Another eclipse is predicted to come about in October. In six months time, maybe I'll be able to see the red moon better.

Mar 31, 2014

NENDOROID #284: Iron Man Mark 7

With the premiere of The Winter Soldier heralding the parade of summer blockbusters (aka action-packed superhero movies), I decided to release the review of Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7. I also have Spider-Man but I'm saving him in time for the premiere of his new movie. I'm a big fan of superheroes and I find it amusing that Marvel characters should have their own Nendoroid. Iron Man is obviously cool no matter what form but as a Nendoroid he turned out surprisingly cute as well.

Mar 21, 2014

Nendo Farm

For every novelty, there is a community. Especially if it has its own merchandise collection.

Last weekend, I met up with members of Nendo Farm, a local community for Nendoroid collectors and similar figurines. The group was smaller than the last meet up I attended, with more new faces than the usual participants. I went there to pick up the Rin figure I bought and deliver the Mio figure to my friend, Nikko. I was also able to take pictures of the other members' figures as they stood on Leo's funky rotating display. I'd upload pictures from the group, but they're too shy and don't want their pictures uploaded hahaha

Mar 4, 2014

When Tony Met Spidey

SPIDEY: Hey, Capt. America’s new movie is out in theaters! It looks cool, wanna watch it with me?
TONY: You think he’s cool with two movies? I have four. And he doesn’t have a Nendoroid. I have two.
TONY: But sure, let’s go. You’re paying.

When Tony Met Spidey, Chapter 7

Feb 28, 2014

CONVENTION: Toycon 2013

Hello there, before I post about my recent Pet Vogue, allow me a backlog here. I was looking through my 2013 photos and I found the ToyCon album that I completely forgot to post last December. That was such a fun convention. The Toy Convention of Christmas 2013 marked how I met the lot of Whovian Philippines and how they delightfully took over ToyCon in their Doctor Who outfits.

Feb 18, 2014

In Emerald City

Some days are so magical, it changes you for good.

Broadway was one of those famous places I dreamed to visit in person and watch a real musical play in. While I will never probably get around to being an actor, I love to reenact scenes and sing the songs just the ways the actors did it whether in filmed or live performances. Wicked was one musical that has yet to have a recorded version so all I ever had to work with was the soundtrack and a few videos. Even then, the musical had captured my heart and I longed to watch Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth. Unfortunately, when I first went to the US back in 2004, I didn't go to New York so I missed out then.

This year, however and wonderfully, the international musical sensation has FINALLY graced the Philippine shores! And thanks to my dearest darling mumsie and popsicle, I finally had the opportunity to watch Wicked last February 13. The show was absolutely breathtaking. The performance numbers, the set, the costumes and everything was just amaaaazing! A perfect "Valentine's" gift worth remembering.

Feb 11, 2014

NENDOROID: Wonfes 2014

Hello everyone, who has heard of Wonfes 2014 that took place the other day, Feb. 9 2014? For those who don't know, Wonfes is short for Wonder Festival, a mini event in Chiba, Japan that displays "garage kits" or assembled scale models and showcasing upcoming figurine releases from various toy manufacturers like Good Smile Company and Max Factory. It's a popular event among anime and modeling enthusiasts alike.

Although there are plenty of awesome and interesting scaled figures, I'm only featuring Nendoroids that I might buy when I can. Why? Weeeell, I don't really buy other figures except for Nendoroids and the occasional other miniature. I chose to stick with "collecting" Nendoroids mostly because they're my favorite anime characters soo kawaii! (No, don't picture me saying that.) Nendoroids look appealing and the fact their parts are swappable with other Nendoroids amounts to endless creativity, making these little cuties adorable subjects for photography.

Feb 4, 2014

Moonlight Saber

I took some pictures of Saber during some full moons ago. Then I decided to try some kind of time lapse photography.. It was really windy that night so some of my pictures turned out blurry but not all of the ruined shots are noticeable in the gifs I compiled. Have a look and tell me what you think.

Jan 25, 2014


Hello everyone, today I'm writing about the anime artists redjuice and his doujinshi IGNITION, which was released last 2010 during Comiket 7. I'm aware that this is sold out in most online stores but I found a shop that still sold copies! So happily, I ordered a copy and here it is.

It's a thin A4 size book with less than 60 pages. I'm so glad to find a copy because doujinshi, similar to indie sketchbooks and comics, run out quickly and soon become collector's items. With redjuice famous for the album covers of the Japanese band supercell and the character designer for recent anime like Guilty Crown, it's no surprise his printed materials sell out immediately. IGNITION is the third doujinshi but the content inside is no less lovely than the first two books.

Jan 8, 2014

SHERLOCK, an acrynoym

S is for Stop, as in stop being dead.
H is for the hearse, empty of a head.
E is for Emergency! A threat has been detected!
R is for Reunion: old friends and new, connected.
L is for London, where Sherlock met & left John.
O is for on, because the game is back on!
C is for Charles Magnussen, the new adversary?
K is for killed, will someone die in Series Three?
My sister and I made an acronym thing for Sherlock. We were supposed to upload this before the release of ‘The Empty Hearse’ but got stuck with the ‘k’ and the rhyming.. Most of this was based on the first trailer but a lot has happened with the release of Season Three’s episode one and two. I don’t know how this will apply to episode three, but I could always write a new one. Hope you guys like it!

Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Here's to a wonderful 2014. Happy New Year, everyone! May you have a fantastic and blessed year ahead. Photos mostly taken by my brother.