Jan 8, 2014

SHERLOCK, an acrynoym

S is for Stop, as in stop being dead.
H is for the hearse, empty of a head.
E is for Emergency! A threat has been detected!
R is for Reunion: old friends and new, connected.
L is for London, where Sherlock met & left John.
O is for on, because the game is back on!
C is for Charles Magnussen, the new adversary?
K is for killed, will someone die in Series Three?
My sister and I made an acronym thing for Sherlock. We were supposed to upload this before the release of ‘The Empty Hearse’ but got stuck with the ‘k’ and the rhyming.. Most of this was based on the first trailer but a lot has happened with the release of Season Three’s episode one and two. I don’t know how this will apply to episode three, but I could always write a new one. Hope you guys like it!

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