Jan 25, 2014


Hello everyone, today I'm writing about the anime artists redjuice and his doujinshi IGNITION, which was released last 2010 during Comiket 7. I'm aware that this is sold out in most online stores but I found a shop that still sold copies! So happily, I ordered a copy and here it is.

It's a thin A4 size book with less than 60 pages. I'm so glad to find a copy because doujinshi, similar to indie sketchbooks and comics, run out quickly and soon become collector's items. With redjuice famous for the album covers of the Japanese band supercell and the character designer for recent anime like Guilty Crown, it's no surprise his printed materials sell out immediately. IGNITION is the third doujinshi but the content inside is no less lovely than the first two books.

When I received my copy of IGNITION though, the lack of logo on the lower right corner (similar to the cover sketch below) and the missing illustrated plastic sheet that came with the Otakumode release made me wonder how legitimate this copy is. Still, the beautiful illustrations are well-printed on quality paper and the content is as it should be so that chased all those doubts away.

redjuice has been one of my favorite anime-style artists for many years now. I know his artwork can virtually be found everywhere but one can't have too many of it. redjuice's trademarks are pretty anime ladies and vivid surreal environments. I also like how there's a charming sketchy texture to some of his digital drawings. While I was hoping for a full collection of his trademark colorful illustrations, IGNITION introduced the darker and more brooding artwork.

The book is predominantly lively with artwork mostly from redjuice's personal portfolio or illustrations from various magazines that he worked for. There are 5-6 pages of the (literally) darker, metaphoric artwork but it's no bother. It's always nice to see the other styles of the artist. After that, the normal colorful illustrations bring back the cheer and delight.

If, like me, you adore redjuice's artworks then you'll be pleased to know that he has an upcoming 190-page artbook titled REDBOX. That's thrice the number of art in a doujinshi so this is the real deal. REDBOX will be released this March 2014 and will feature more artwork from BEATLESS and supercell. You can pre-order copies here on Otakumode, Amazon.JP, or any of the online Japanese hobby stores. There's also another doujinshi-type collection which features materials exclusively from BEATLESS. I might get a copy while it's still on sale. But I'm definitely getting REDBOX for what it's worth.

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