Apr 24, 2014

Pigeon Roosting


The other night there was a tapping noise outside my bedroom window. It went tap then a scuffle or rustle. At first I ignored it, thinking it was the wind or the trees or something. The curtain was down so I really couldn't see what caused the sound and I was too lazy to move from my desk. Later I came back to room and my sister was on her bed, reading. There was another scuffle. My sister looked at me and said, "It's been going on for quite a while."

"You didn't check it out?" I asked. Nope. So I went over to the windows and drew the curtains apart. Beyond the glass, I stared into the darkness then over to my neighbor's house. There were a few lit rooms but I couldn't see any person. There was no wind so the trees weren't moving. Actually, they were too far from my room. So what could've made those noises?

I decided to open the windows and look outside. There was nothing to my left but when I looked over to the right, I saw a young pigeon resting on the sill. It was lying (sitting?) with its wings tucked it. It cocked its blue head towards me and observed me with its wide black eyes. It didn’t fly away but it was probably worried about the huge creature staring back at it. As the documentary enthusiast that I am, I got my phone and blinded the creature with the flash from my camera. Then I apologized with goodnights and tucked back inside my room. It shuffled on throughout the night.


The following day, the pigeon was gone. I thought it flew back to wherever it came from. Later that afternoon though, it came back to roost late again on my window sill. There it slept for two more nights, leaving early in the day and coming back before dark. I thought I had a new "pet."

But sadly, some new "pets" don't always settle in their temporary homes. Just the past Monday night, I peeked behind the curtains but the pigeon wasn't there. It still wasn't around late that night. Dad said it might've flown away with one of the flocks of migratory birds he saw earlier. Ah well, I do hope so. I'd rather think it found new family. Pigeons are better off hanging around other birds anyway.

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