Mar 31, 2014

NENDOROID #284: Iron Man Mark 7

With the premiere of The Winter Soldier heralding the parade of summer blockbusters (aka action-packed superhero movies), I decided to release the review of Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7. I also have Spider-Man but I'm saving him in time for the premiere of his new movie. I'm a big fan of superheroes and I find it amusing that Marvel characters should have their own Nendoroid. Iron Man is obviously cool no matter what form but as a Nendoroid he turned out surprisingly cute as well.

The box has a beautiful glossy print, maybe to mimick Iron Man's shiny metal armor. The colors are very vibrant and the images are clear. There isn't a company/studio sticker like the other anime Nendoroid, only the MARVEL and Avengers movie logo. I haven't seen a bootleg in person but if you're planning to buy this guy somewhere, two things you should keep in mind about the authentic is the box's excellent glossy cover and the high price Iron Man is selling nowadays. If the Nendoroid you're buying fits neither of these, then I'd say you're holding a fake.

Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7 is a super-movable Nendoroid, meaning he has a different, more flexible connection between his torso and more joints on his arms and legs. His accessories include extra hands with different poses from open palms to closed fists. He has several "energy blasts" or jet-fire attachments (I just realized I have no idea what you call those energy blast things) and a jet pack. He only has one Tony Stark face plate, which is a shame in this version, but it's the first Nendoroid face plate that's non-asian and with a painted mustache so it's all good.

The armor is in two parts and connected with a ball joint. While this feature allows more movement and poses, the connection is not very tight as the two halves of the body keep falling apart if I'm not careful. It's a similar problem with all other super-movable Nendoroids I believe.. The details of armor, however, is credible enough for a miniaturized version. It's interesting how they sculpted only enough of the armor to make it look like Iron Man but not so much that it looks ridiculous. The paint job is beautiful as well! Iron Man has a red and golden sheen that's unlike any other paint on previous Nendoroids.
Iron Man's helmet can be separated into 5 pieces but it gets a little tricky separating the ear covers. This is the important bit otherwise you'd have a hard time squeezing Tony's face into the helmet! The yellow mask comes off and can be positioned over the head with the help of a magnet. This is a cool feature and with it, you can show off Tony's face (or an imposter's!)

Despite the lack of extra faceplates, the Tony Stark faceplate has its amusing points. lol

Tony Hirasawa desu~!

If Tony Hirasawa hasn't burned your eyes yet, then read on over for Iron Man also has a miniature city stand that you can use to build scenes of him flying high above the city. It's in a flat grey color and I'm tempted to paint it over. I do like the miniature Stark Tower though.

As a Nendoroid, I find that Iron Man is one of the more charming Nendoroids. He has a unique armor, a faceplate of possibilities and jet blasts that can blow your rooftop off. As a Marvel figure, however, he's too adorable to be a real superhero. While not all Marvel fans might want to get a Nendoroid (or not all Nendoroid/anime collectors may be interested in Marvel), Iron Man Mark 7 adds a new charm to either collection. Hope you enjoyed my review and don't forget to leave a comment or share some likes over at the Facebook page! ^_^

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