Mar 21, 2014

Nendo Farm

For every novelty, there is a community. Especially if it has its own merchandise collection.

Last weekend, I met up with members of Nendo Farm, a local community for Nendoroid collectors and similar figurines. The group was smaller than the last meet up I attended, with more new faces than the usual participants. I went there to pick up the Rin figure I bought and deliver the Mio figure to my friend, Nikko. I was also able to take pictures of the other members' figures as they stood on Leo's funky rotating display. I'd upload pictures from the group, but they're too shy and don't want their pictures uploaded hahaha

Nendo Farm is the second Nendoroid community I've joined after Nendoroid Philippines. Nendo Farm describes itself as "10% store, 10% community, 80% crazy" which I can vouch is accurate enough. But they're more friendly and funny than crazy. The group also sells Nendoroids as a whole or in split parts. Most of the Nendoroid props and individual parts I have, I bought from there. It's a cheaper and more convenient way to customize Nendoroids and get certain parts without having to buy the whole set!

Most of the Nendoroids you see here are owned by the members. I only got Rin from "Wooser's hand-to-mouth life" (weird title, never watched it yet actually..I just thought the nendo's cute lol) and she's featured at the last pic. The redhead below is Danica's, the "madam" who manages Nendo Farm. The Sakura Miku and the display belong to Leo.

Leo was the only other person who brought his camera, which is the same as mine or an older model. I did mention I've been using the basic Canon 1100D kit in my pictures, ever since my digicam broke, but I only have the basic kit parts. Leo was kind enough to lend me his 50mm f/1.8 II lens (I think that was what it was called?) so I could get a feel of how the lens works. I took the two pictures above using his lens. My camera only has the default lens so I was thinking of buying a new one to expand creativity in my pictures. It's either a new lens or plain old photoediting, ya know.
Hakase and the cake property of Lanz

I'm not an expert in cameras or professional photography. But there were a few things I noticed when I used the 50mm lens. One, it doesn't have a zoom option. You'd either have to personally move forward or backward to get the right focus on the subject. Two, it produces a better blurred background or bokeh effect but Three, the range of sharpness is very limited.. I could be wrong with the technicalities but those are just my observations. I feel like I could work with the lens to produce an interesting effect but at the moment, I can't, well I don't want to spend $100 on a camera accessory. I'd rather use it to buy more figurines or clothes. LOL 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
Mio (crying on left); Miku (happy on right)

This isn't really a camera review article! But the more I delve into photography, whether it's travel, toy or cosplay photography, the more I want to produce beautiful photographs that tell a story. Nendoroids have infinite possibilities when it comes to story-telling! They can be mix-and-matched like Lego, which make them very fun to play with! The picture below features Rin modeling as my look-alike while Maid?Watari is supposed to mirror Will.. sort of. Well, that's Nendo Farm crazy for you! I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. Adios for now!
Nendoroid mix courtesy of Nendo Farm

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