Feb 28, 2014

CONVENTION: Toycon 2013

Hello there, before I post about my recent Pet Vogue, allow me a backlog here. I was looking through my 2013 photos and I found the ToyCon album that I completely forgot to post last December. That was such a fun convention. The Toy Convention of Christmas 2013 marked how I met the lot of Whovian Philippines and how they delightfully took over ToyCon in their Doctor Who outfits.

The folks of Whovian Philippines were a fun bunch. I think we were the noisiest and rowdiest group in the whole convention. Then again, the Doctor always makes a commotion of himself. We met up at Bo's Coffee shop (see what we did there?) and took up one fourth of the place. The ensemble was a rift in time, with the number of Doctors and clone Claras and different versions of the TARDIS.

There were two fabulous Elevens (or Thirteenths? who's counting?) wearing the envied purple frock coat. There was police box TARDIS and Idris/human TARDIS. Fourth Doctor was wonderfully in-character, complete with the accent. Ten also made an appearance. There were several tweed jacket Eleven. And if multiple Doctors and TARDISes didn't stress the timeline enough, Impossible Girl Clara met soufflé girl Oswin as well!

this pic taken by another girl from the WPh group. forgot who

As much as I had fun with the local Whovians, I left their company and thus, missed their impromptu photoshoot. I then met up with the Nendo Farm posse. These folks are my Nendoroid/anime-loving friends. In case you haven't noticed, my interests include both British tv and Japanese culture. I arrived at their venue just as they finished their group picture so I just took these from one of the member's (Ruby?) Then I realized not all anime toy collectors are into cosplaying. You can see none of them are dressed for the convention.

Of course, no ToyCon would be complete without figurine pictures. Yes, I tried to be a cosplayer and a photographer. It's a hard occupation. But I only took a few pictures this because there weren't as many interesting figurines and the place was too small and too hot for walking and squeezing around through the crowds.

The cosplay wasn't that spectacular this time around either. The only ones I liked best was the fabulous Thranduil (he was actually the first character I recognized when arriving at the venue!) and the kawaii Saber.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. I will upload more pictures on the NoRP! Facebook page so please visit me there too. See you at the next post! It's going to be purrrretty adorable! :D

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