Feb 11, 2014

NENDOROID: Wonfes 2014

Hello everyone, who has heard of Wonfes 2014 that took place the other day, Feb. 9 2014? For those who don't know, Wonfes is short for Wonder Festival, a mini event in Chiba, Japan that displays "garage kits" or assembled scale models and showcasing upcoming figurine releases from various toy manufacturers like Good Smile Company and Max Factory. It's a popular event among anime and modeling enthusiasts alike.

Although there are plenty of awesome and interesting scaled figures, I'm only featuring Nendoroids that I might buy when I can. Why? Weeeell, I don't really buy other figures except for Nendoroids and the occasional other miniature. I chose to stick with "collecting" Nendoroids mostly because they're my favorite anime characters soo kawaii! (No, don't picture me saying that.) Nendoroids look appealing and the fact their parts are swappable with other Nendoroids amounts to endless creativity, making these little cuties adorable subjects for photography.

Of the Nendoroids previewed, I have pre-ordered Snow Miku 2014 already. She will be my first pre-order (courtesy of Onegai Oniichan) and hopefully, Good Smile will release her on time this July. She has the biggest and fanciest packaging out of all the Nendoroids yet! She's also the first Miku I actually like. The original and other versions are okay but I feel there's too much Mikus being released. (on the other hand, one can't have too much Sabers.. >w<)

Nendoroid - Snow Miku 2014

where am I gonna store that enormous box? o_____o;

she is insanely cute!

So. Ehem. Let's move on to Fate Stay/Night Nendoroids. I'm surprised there was a new Rin Tohsaka Nendoroid displayed. I had no idea she was finally having a real Nendoroid of her own! Before Wonfes 2014, (weird) Lazy Tohsaka debuted back in 2005 as one of the first few Nendoroids before she had a prettier 2011/2012 cheerful version. Oh and there was also a pair of Nendoroid Petites that came with the Fate Stay/Night extension set. Apparently, GSC has a few surprises for its fans. Now with Gilgamesh also in the works, looks like there's a new war brewing for the Holy Grail.

Rin Tohsaka! <3
uncolored prototype Gilgamesh

I'm also waiting for Sakura Wars' Erica Fontaine, who is also under the coloring stage. I hope it won't be long now before her final prototype is finished and we get a release date! My Shinguiji Sakura will finally have a stage companion!

uncolored Erica Fontaine

There's another addition to the Nendoroid yukata collection with a movie version of Madoka in a yukata. Of all Nendoroid outfits, I love the yukatas the most. They're really very pretty and I'm sure this one will be great as well.

is she holding the creature's head?!

 Card Captor Sakura debuts as the 400th Nendoroid. Congratulations to her! To be honest though, while this is part of almost every normal kid's childhood series, I haven't watched a single episode. This and Sailor Moon.

Other interesting Nendoroid prototypes include Black Gold Saw, some from Kill a Kill and Bakemonogatari. There's also a school uniform Hatsune Miku (yes, another Miku..) The uniform looks cute though. There were a few Figma that caught my attention such as the Marvel ones and a couple of random others. The details on them look amazing. That's another thing that fascinates me about these sculptures.. all that fine work.


For more pictures of the figures, you can see these links. Have fun!

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