Jul 24, 2014

COMICS: Rocket Raccoon #1

Hello everyone! I just got back from my summer trip to Interlochen, Michigan. It was the most wonderful of experiences and I can't wait to share about that. For now, I'd like to get back on the art and comics track starting with my reviews about Rocket Racoon #1, which just has to be said!

Next week, of course, releases the long-awaited summer blockbuster of Guardians of the Galaxy in most cinemas! What better way to further fuel the already existing anticipation than with an exciting read of the newest series in the Guardians' comics lineup. When I received my own copy of Rocket Racoon #1, I was absolutely delighted. I've anticipated the issue ever since Skottie Young announced that he would be drawing AND writing the series.

The standard cover was handsomely rendered by the series' colorist, Jean-Francois Beaulieu. (the other cover is drawn by another one of my favorite comic book artists, David Petersen, creator of MouseGuard) I liked all the covers for RR#1 but this is one of the few comics I've seen that has a regular cover that's just as awesome (if not more) than the variants. The dark, gritty painting contrasts the colorful flats of the interior panels and Beaulieu does a great job with both styles! I'm sure it would look great to eventually have the whole series with covers done by him.

But I admit that I'm a bigger fan of Skottie Young's artwork. I've been trying to collect the last two Oz collected editions and I constantly  stalk visit his blog. But it's not just Skottie's art that makes RR#1 a blast to read. This issues introduces a plot involving a bounty on Rocket's head that he has to clear, a shadowy doppelganger and an intriguing league of vengeful ex-girlfriends. Rocket's personality blends together perfectly with Skottie's whimsical writing and all of the man's genius makes the smart-mouthed guardian shine in gun-blazing, badass glory. Did I mention the splinter of Groot that talks and the other bunch of funny panels?

Rocket Raccoon looks like it's another series whose issues I will all collect. Fun, wit, big guns, colorful aliens, Skottie Young and a furry hero. If that's not enough to bait you in the series, I don't know what will.

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