NO REAL PLOT! blogspot is a photoblog featuring mostly Nendoroid, cosplay, conventions and reviews of various artbooks. After some time, NRP! migrated to Tumblr for photoblogging and this blogspot site focused more on actually blogging about events or behind-the-scenes entries.

This blog started out as meaches' sketchblog way, way back in late 2008 because all her favorite artists had blogspot and she wanted to stalk keep track of them. The blog also doubled as a companion to her learnings in college. Originally, the title NO REAL PLOT! sounded cool as a webcomic but the comic wasn't pursued. Then meaches discovered the wonders of photography and Nendoroids, and the blog started featuring content the way it does now.

meaches has a regular office day job but she writes and illustrates personal projects in her spare time. She is currently working on a children's fantasy comic. meaches used to take most of her photography with a basic branded dslr until the lens broke. Now she just uses her phone camera to capture everything.