Sep 16, 2013

COMICS: Flight, Volume 8

cover art by Kazu Kibuishi
Hey gang! (gang?? Who still says 'gang' nowadays?) Today we're reviewing Flight, Volume 8. The last in the series of a comic anthology, edited by Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet), featuring many brilliant upcoming artists. Volume 8 came out two years ago in 2011. I'm writing about it now because the second Explorer series (Flight's successor, also compiled by Kazu) is coming out next month and I wanted to do a feature on Flight before Explorer. Besides, there aren't so many reviews about Flight on the internet even though it's has a great variety of art styles and different genres of stories.

Flight Vol.8 has more than 280 pages with 18 enchanting stories; most personally illustrated by its authors. The cover of the book is drawn by Kazu Kibiushi, as he had done so for the previous seven volumes. For your convenience and pleasure, I've decided to include samples of the individual stories.

The binding is good quality paper and the print is very nice. It's paper back but the cover feels thick and sturdy enough plus it has a lovely matte finish. The only problem I have with the book is after a while, the first pages feel like they might fall out. Other than that, Flight Volume 8, as well as its previous volumes, is a treasure for your shelf. There's chunks of good stories, plenty of beautiful illustrations and a whole lot of talent

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