Oct 5, 2013

NENDOROID: Saber 10th Anniversary Edition

I have a new miniature plastic friend! This time it's Nendoroid #250: Saber 10th Anniversary Edition by Good Smile Company. I bought her at a decent price a few weeks ago from a fellow collector, who moved on to another collection. This makes Saber 10th my 2nd Saber Nendoroid since one of my best friends gave me the #121 Super Movable Edition last Christmas. Which leads me to say that Saber 10th is actually the original Super Movable edition but with a more shinier, more awesome, metallic armor.

This Nendoroid was released to celebrate Type-Moon's 10th anniversary last July 2012. I liked this version better because well, it's shiny! Who doesn't like shiny toys eh? Her armor, her swords, even the box on her text is shiny! ◉◞◟◉‵) Later on though, I realize that while shiny is fun to look at and play with, it makes taking pictures harder since you have to find the proper way to hide your reflection and all that. But that's a small bother.

Saber 10th Anniversary Edition comes with all the original props, her swords Caliburn and Excalibur and the Invisible Air version. These swords look so much more fantastic than the regular swords. The metallic paint make it look magnificent and a real weapon any knight would be proud to brandish~!

I loved the Super Movable edition when I first got it. I adore the 10th Anniversary Edition all the same., and much more. Saber in her metallic armor look incredible, especially when brightly lit. I will try out more outdoor shots after this post. So please look forward for that. Thanks for reading! (°v°)


  1. Omg! This reviews is really good!
    Finally found one about both ! Im still in doubt because i like to take pictures so the 121 is better...but shinning swords TT how can i resist
    Anyway thank u for the review,it really is very good...loved the pictures too
    Oh,and sorry if my englis is bad :(

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad this review is still able to help someone with Nendoroids.

      If you're getting Saber, I recommend #250 instead. Her chrome armor is reeeally beautiful and so much better than 121. Better for photographs and better for collection. You won't regret it heehee~

      I found out later the reflections are no problem, unless you're very picky about it like me haha! I just wear natural colored outfits, esp browns and greys so if ever a part of me is reflected on Saber's armor, it won't stand out so much in the pictures. I hope that helps! ^_^