Jan 29, 2015

What I've Been Doing

Hello everyone! It's meaches here, I'm still alive! I've been so busy lately that I don't have enough free time for blogging. I'm more active on Twitter and I have Instagram now too because my friends told me to get one. Follow me both @norealplot and say hello! The reason I'm busy isn't just with the family business but I'm also concentrating very hard on writing and designing my comics. It's not easy with the limited time I have but I'm making it work the best way I can. And of course, I want it to be good so I'm taking extra care with the quality of the story.

I'm actually working on two projects. One is an all-ages sci-fi/fantasy comic series that I've been tossing around since high school? It is my life's work! haha! The other project is a more recent collaboration with my sister: the idea is a children's story featuring animals having adventures. That's all I can say for now. Above is the sneak peek of what the character designs might look like. I'm mostly going for a simplified cartoony style to keep the work load light. But really, who doesn't love cute cartoons?

I've also been drawing a lot of Doctor Who. You all know how much I love Doctor Who. When the 8th season finished, that was the time I decided to doodle some 12th Doctor. Sometimes I think I'm forgetting how to draw. I'm getting rusty. Both are bad. lol. But I found the 12th Doctor is fun to draw as much as he is charming, despite his elderly wrinkles. I like how he still manages to convey a child-like "innocence" in his character.

So I've only posted the nicer drawings here. You can find the sketchier sketches on my art tumblr. Thank you again for reading!

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