Sep 23, 2015

DOCTOR WHO: Season 9 Countdown, Part 1

Hello everyone! meaches here.

I'm trying hard to get back to monthly (if not weekly) blogging. I'm very busy with the family business but I'm still in the middle of developing my top two projects, the scifi detective manga and the creature-based fantasy collaboration with my sister. I've made a lot of progress with both stories but I don't have anything decent to upload aside from messy sketches. Maybe I'll post them here on the blog too anyway.

That actually means I'm also too busy to do any figurine photography--who misses the Nendoroids? I do!! I tried to make something special for the countdown premiere of Doctor Who Season 9. My mom gave me the a minifig set of all 11 Doctors and I decided to use them as the theme, which was to reenact scenes from the tv series. I was able to do the first four doctors but unfortunately, I got sick and had to postpone the completion of the project. I've originally uploaded the pictures on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram but if you haven't been following me there, I've reuploaded the photos here too for your convenience.

When I feel better, I'll pick the series up and finish it. Enjoy these for now and thanks for reading. Be sure to say hi!

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