Jul 5, 2013

Hello Japan

Hello friends! No new artwork yet, since most of my projects are on a non-disclosure contract which is really really sad. Anyway, I'm working on some personal illustrations which I will get around to posting.

Anyway! Here's some photo journal from me. Sometime last March I went to Japan. It's a dream come true because I've always wanted to visit that beautiful country. Although the timing was awkward (after winter, so not quite snowy; but before spring, so not quite alive) my stay there was very very nice.

First I went to the Matsumoto for my sister's violin convention. First off, the Suzuki convention was fun. There were violins and flutes, cellos and pianos, and students from all over the world. It was a very exciting experience and it inspired me to pick up my flute and roll my fingers over the piano again.

Now, on to Matsumoto! Matsumoto is a lovely province with its samurai castle-like houses and pretty cherry blossom trees everywhere. We stayed in the town of Matsumoto itself, where the Matsumoto Castle resides. We were able to tour that castle and some parts of the city because we, as convention participants get free public rides for some reason.

The people in Japan are kind and courteous. Even with a language barrier, most of them will try to help you anyway they can. Thankfully, I know a little Japanese (from my anime days) and it was interesting to be able to try out what little I knew.

Another thing I liked about Japan is the clean, clean air. You can walk some miles from your hotel to wherever and not worry about getting smog in your lungs. The environment is clean and pretty, which makes walking all the more delightful. The only hindrance might be the weather, which is comfortable at 9-Celsius during the daytime. At night it can drop as low as 6-Celsius freeze, and I mean really teeth-chattering, finger-numbing freeze. Still, it was a good experience.

What else can I say? The food is delicious; I tried everything possible from ramen to sushi to authentic street takoyaki. It definitely is a lovely place. I want to go back someday.

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