Aug 2, 2013

The Lego and the Bees

Hey, who killed the bees??
I'm supposed to be drawing and painting....buuuuut sometimes, I can't help but make pictures like this. Anyway, photoshoots like these help stimulate my creative juices and makes me feel better! Who doesn't have fun playing and doing something different?

These scenes were initially inspired by the number of dead bees I've been finding around my house late summer... It was really strange since I've never seen bees dying around before. I felt kinda sad that they're dead for no obvious reason (unless it's global warming and I heard bees aren't good friends with temperature changes..) but I always found them in pairs so it's safe to say a bee didn't die alone..hahahaha

Don't travel alone.

My current obsession and lack of new Doctor Who episodes led me to create these scenes. I based the setting on some Series 4 episodes and the subtle random trivia in the series about the bees disappearing. The mini photo shoot was fun and the models didn't complain one bit. Now, there isn't anything else spectacular about these photos, I just wanted to tell a story and try out some photo-editing techniques I found (and forgot by the time you read this)

More, hi-res photos will be posted over at Flick account


  1. Exterminaattee!! :)) Great shot molly! Plus i love how he texture of the floor reminds me of honeycomb patterns.
    Wah!Adik sa doctor who!

    1. sorry late reply! Thank you! and yes adik talaga hahaha especially since the anniversary is less than two months away!! XD