Nov 30, 2013

DOCTOR WHO: Doctor Who Adventures #333 & #334

Hello everyone, I just returned from my trip to London for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. It was loads of fun and the best convention I've ever attended! I have hundreds of pictures to sort and several travel sketches to scan, I don't know where to start. But since this blog has been dormant for a while, I'll post something. I'll blog about the convention in my next post! Stay tuned but click the link to read my reviews of the two Doctor Who Adventures magazines.

Doctor Who Adventures # 333
This issue costs £2.99 and features mostly the 10th and 11th Doctors. For the kiddies, this is a lovely magazine packed with awesome posters and tidbits. There are fantastic posters inside, of Clara and some Daleks.. Unfortunately, they're not the separate sheet type. If you want to hang The Day of the Doctor poster spread on your wall, you'd have to tear your precious magazine apart. Unless you're buying an extra issue, who would want to do that!?

What I liked best was the advent calendar that came free with the magazine. The calendar features the 11th Doctor and Clara in a Christmas theme and there are 24 colorful mini figurines behind each door! (I already brought mine out because it’s hard to resist from playing!) And boy, are they fun to play with!

The figurines are more than an inch tall, around 32-33cm, and basically an assortment of previously separately released mini figures from old issues. For a bunch of free children's goodies, the figurines are really delightful!

Doctor Who Adventures # 334
This is the 50th anniversary edition of DWA that I bought from the convention. It's more expensive than the regular at £3.99 since it's a special/bumper issue. The magazine comes with a free dress up kit..but because I bought it at the convention site, they gave me two extra figurine advent calendars as well. How cool is that? I bought the same issue for a friend from WH Smith but it didn't have the calendar, so it really is an extra exclusive in the convention.

The kit consists of a felt fez, a purple bow tie, a mini 11th screwdriver that doesn’t open and red-and-blue 3D glasses. The last two were the only ones that work for anyone bigger than 10 years old. How I wish the fez fit! The magazine has the cover in 3D as well as the posters and a few other pages inside. I'm not fond of red and blue 3D because they make my vision hurt but the 3D works spectacularly!

Of course, Doctor Who Adventures IS a children's magazine after all, so the content is geared towards children. (While reading the articles, I couldn't help but mock the perky captions..) But looking into the past issues, I saw that they have a record of other interesting free goodies from trading cards to school gear and other collectible things. Young fans to get their hands on an issue are sure going to enjoy reading with all the free goodies with every issue!

All the same, if you're a fellow Whovian and not above buying children's magazines (even if only for the freebies) then DWA is the next best source for an amateur collection. As for me, I’m tossing the magazines to my sister and keep the figurines for myself. ;)

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