Dec 2, 2013

DOCTOR WHO: The Tenth Doctor's Sonic

Hold a moment, we'll liven up this blog with a feature on sonic screwdrivers. That's right. Because sonics are cool. Well, I have three of the gadgets: two of the 10th Doctor's and one of 11th's. But today, I'm writing about 10th's sonic since it has has two versions. One is the plain blue LED one and the other has the purple UV bulb with other end that doubles as a pen. I'll be starting with the UV sonic, since that's what I bought first from Amazon.

the UV 10th sonic

The Tenth Doctor's sonic is looks very much like the one in the series, which isn't surprising because Tenth's sonic is actually based on the toy, which was a better template than the original model that the Ninth Doctor used. The sonic is very lightweight and fits comfortably in the hand, like a flashlight. This actually makes this very portable and I love to carry it around in my bag and pocket. The length is about 7" when closed and reaches 8.25" with the head extended.

TOP: plain sonic with sealed tip; BOTTOM: UV writing sonic w/ pen tip

The UV pen version has a purplish UV bulb and a removable end for the pens. There are two pen nibs, one UV pen and one regular ink pen. There are four sound frequencies that change on every press of the button. Two buttons activate the electronic effects but only one works at a time, depending on whether or not the head is extended.

sample for UV light!

I bought my plain blue LED sonic screwdriver from the BBC Shop at the Doctor Who 50th anniversary convention. They were on sale loose in a plastic bag, not the sturdy box. For its price and because I found ones that had all four sounds, I hardly missed the box. Apart from the lack of interchangeable pen ends and a different light bulb, the UV sonic and the plain sonic are identical in make.

LEFT: UV writing sonic; RIGHT: plain sonic

Now, depending on whether you want a sonic screwdriver that writes or a more authentic bulb color, it's up to you. If you do have both, like I do, and have the courage to tinker and switch the bulbs with each other so you can build a blue LED sonic that writes...then fantastic! I don't think I'll be trying that with mine, though.

I love the Tenth Doctor's sonic very much. It's very pocket friendly and unlike the Eleventh Doctor's sonic (which I'll post about soon), it doesn't have a spring-activated claw head so if I keep it in my bag, I don't have to worry about accidentally pressing buttons and breaking anything.

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  1. I've only got a 9th doctor sonic and the bulb don't work. :(
    I did make my own sonic just for fun....its rather steampunk-ish. I like to think its something a timelady might use as its made from a lip gloss container. I was thinking of getting a proper sonic though. I'm put off Matts sonic as its seems to bulky and oversized. Tempted to get the tennant one.