Dec 10, 2013

DOCTOR WHO: The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic

I pinched this entry from the previous one about the Tenth Doctor's sonic screwdriver. Reason? The post was getting too long and I felt there could be more to say about Tenth's Doctor's gadget replicas. This is Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver, which I bought from Amazon. It's slightly bigger than Tenth's and has more features, basically the claw head that opens as it did in the series.

When I first held the nifty toy, I thought it was too lightweight and flimsy and feared the risk of breaking it, especially when I had to put the battery in. Like its predecessors, the Eleventh sonic uses three cell batteries. But the  batteries aren't pre-installed, so you'd have dismantle the sonic by twisting the claw head off and install the batteries in the green compartment before you can use the toy.

The whole thing felt so fragile that I was afraid the springs would break every time I popped the claw.. But so far, it's holding up good and seems sturdy despite all that. Time Lord technology, I guess. The sonic also has four sounds, but the other two are "secret" and can only be activated via three or four repeated clicks on the buttons, producing the retro laser or the broken sonic sound effect. Unfortunately, the side button doesn't work when the claw head is extended. This is really lame because you won't get to brandish the sonic around and at people's faces the way Eleventh Doctor does.

Ten versus Eleven
For a toy prop, these sonics are really enjoyable and perfect for anyone who wants to pretend to be The Doctor. But like all the other sonics, they cost more than they probably should but if you can make it last a while, the money's worth it for making you feel like you can take on the whole galaxy.

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